About The Show
A Program Rooted in DE&I with a 100% Black-owned Supply Chain

2020 was a turning point, as we were faced with a convergence of health and social crises, heightened by a nationwide racial reckoning. The demand for a more equitable society continues to be at the forefront of cultural conversations to this day, with Americans calling for investment into diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

We identified that existing media practices were not benefiting minority-owned businesses in a tangible, sustainable way. To help drive racial equity forward and reduce inequality in advertising, we sought to create a collaborative way for brands to equitably engage with and invest in the Black community across the country.

We brought on The National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters as our partner. We hired Black-owned, OneX Studios, for production and created a custom media plan with buys from multiple Black-owned media suppliers - Radio One, AURN, Spotset, and Café Mocha Radio – something that had not been done before.  Additionally, any third-party companies that were brought onto the show (production, merch, PR, etc.) were minority owned. To integrate sponsors in an authentic way, we took a first-of-its kind approach holding Discovery Sessions with our key media clients.

More Than That with Gia Peppers is our radio show and podcast with a 100% Black-owned supply chain. We have launched three successful seasons from 2021 - 2023 and have ran a total of 32 episodes. Hosted by Gia Peppers, a leading journalist and on-air talent, and featuring guests who connect to each episode’s theme, we discussed everything from entertainment, entrepreneurship, wellness, family, climate change and more.

This show has seen resounding success, detailed below:

  • Across S1-S3, $11MM invested into Black-owned partners
  • Sponsored messages outperformed 95% of radio norms
  • Over 750MM impressions delivered
  • 25 point lift in brand consideration
  • 18 point lift in brand differentiation
  • 34 point lift in brand respects my community and culture and stands up for DE&I
  • 52% of the audience was motivated to get involved with social causes
  • Won Adweek's Best DE&I Podcast in 2022

Our Awards
Ad Week 2022 Award
Microsoft Advertising Americas Marketing with Purpose
The Telly Awards
2021 Creative Media Award
2023 Radio Mercury Award
Digiday Content Marketing Awards